What not to eat our dog

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Normal dog's ideal food is raw meat. But for many reasons we cannot provide him. So we usually have been fed him that we eat we thinking that we do our best for him. This is a big mistake. If we cannot provide a good dry food to ensure that food needs, then let's take care to avoid that will create a problem.



The following shall be prohibited:

bigboneNot cold or hot food (can get sick or to create stomach problems).
Milk fresh or evaporated for people: the lactose contained can cause diarrhea and intense intestinal problems. Commercially launches milk powder special for puppies.
Boneless chicken, lamb because it can pnigei, while crush, are sharp and may perforate the neck or digestive system. The peritonitis and death from bone is unfortunately very common in dogs.
Potatoes, bread and other starchy: is useless food that just might cause diarrhea or indmetabolic_redesign_bowligestion.
Onions: they contain a toxic substance that destroys red blood cells.
Greens: irritating to the dog's digestive system and lead him in colitis. dog chooses himself to eat Greens, only when you have indigestion problem and do to cause vomiting.
Grapes: Causing kidney problems.
Chocolate: Contains "theiobrwmini", a toxic for dogs substance that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, heart problems, problems in the central nervous system.
Sweets in General: the dog alone has increased quantity of glucose. Danger from sugar, diabetes, hyperactivity, and stone.
Savory: although it is g1136ood to add a little salt to the mageireyti feed the dog, the very salty foods require the dog to intense water consumption with score – especially in large breeds-various stomach problems, with possible up and turn the stomach.
Very fat: the skin of the chicken all you offer is ' bad ' calories, while often causing diaroia.

Coffee: caffeine may cause heart or stomach problems.
Alcohol: Causes heart problems and problems in the central nervous system.

The dog needs his staff, separate food-it's not garbage can! To our dog we with our leftovers (it is very common that "mentality that we have, it will eat ') is that the worst we can do. Equally certainly wrong is we our dog that likes.

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