Toilet training

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poop911_1The dogs really don't understand toilet training. The only following instinct is not to foul the place to eat, sleep and play. For dogs is not ashamed to fouls outside living area and he may be five steps when they are puppies, away from where you sleep or eat. Puppies do not understand why the mallwnoyme when doing something like that in our living room while sleeping in the kitchen for example or in the living room. And by the fight or beat, sometimes all that we accomplish is to stressaroyme more and in the end they develop a fear for the owner and perhaps growing up to become aggressive or too frightened. We don't want neither one nor the other. Then what to do?

-Skylon-toilet-e1423854868194If you choose to sygkatoikisoyme with an adult dog may be more easy to this point of the toilet. But if you choose a puppy arm yourself with one more rug and plenty of patience and observation in order to prevent accidents but also to understand the language of your puppy.
The puppies we speak with their moves and klamata.
Small tips for puppies.


1. The best time for toilet, a puppy is, immediately after eating, after a game, after tdog diaperhe xedipsasma, just woken from his sleep, which can be every hour of the day and night. Puppies sleeping most of the larger dogs. Those moments the drive in the place you want to make the need of gently and politely without shouting and violence. Don't forget that he's still a baby. The part that will not be odigeisete away from the sleeping area and plays e.g. a roof because it won't succeed next time won't be present. One step at a time and not yelling, punishments and malwmata, is a natural thing for this to make the need where can away from the site. A piece of paper or a cloth or a baby diaper will help to better understand what you want.

2. Taiste your puppy at fixed times. So you will avoid accidents until you learned. You know, a lot of puppies, even six months do not need outside when you go ride, but turn to known space at home. There is safety. Not thymwnete for this. The ride for the puppies is an experience and a pleasure rather than relief mode. Dogs growing up branding their site with their urine or leave messages on other dogs, which might not even make a puppy, so there still expands out.

3. To know that the puppy wants toilet every three hours and growing up is learning to control his bladder. Patience well and think a bit and like a dog to be in the future and you happily and that.

4. Be sure to identify early warning signs: circles around an area, steep seat, whining, myrisma floor, excessive activity (excitement), sudden disappearance from the site or moving towards the door (or doors). Drive it directly out. Even if you weren't quick enough this time, you need to take out to end that started.

Male-dogs-lift-their-legs-when-they-pee-as-a-sign-of-dominance5. Unplug your doggie walk a quarter after lunch and go to a party, every time the same and wait. Leave it to smell and to explore the space. the even Compliment if you don't succeed, there's always the next day.

6. Sometimes a dog biscuit is best when managed to make the need of out. This will be done during training, then it is obvious and needs no longer reward.

7. Don't you are punishing the puppy if accidents inside the House. This will avoid messy when you're present. It is incomprehensible for a puppy to correlate the smearing-punishment. But can correlate the punishment-Punisher, ie you and create problems.


The puppy may not associate the behavior with the punishment. Taking it out regularly, from the SAME door, in the SAME place, you always learned: HERE you must blacken and get a good snack for this! So it pays off.

Finally, I would like to say that no one learned by violence anything properly. Were many your choice was to get a puppy, you knew the difficulties. Animals are not toys, they have many obligations and one is this. Therefore small outreach accidents with humor and everything will go better in the future. You were giving away so many happy moments, right?


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