The cut of the tail and ears

Nov - 24 2015 | By

To say categorically: no! This habit, namely cutting of the ears and the tail of the dog, is a silly fashion started only for ornamental reasons and we see unfortunately that gained many adherents.

Usually, we observe how do Pitbull owners, Boxers, Ntoperman and Ntogko Argentino to show more wild and imposing their dogs. Of course, as you must know the cutting of the ears and the tail was adopted too in dogfighting to prevent his opponents to pull and tear especially those spots that protrude from the body of pretty.

It is worth noting, that the cutting of the ears and the tail of the dog is a mutilation to which we submit our faithful friend without any reason whatsoever. On the contrary, crippling the tail of the dog may not show us the pleasure of shaking. While the ears when hanging and not cut function as protective for the ear canal.

So, before you take the great and of course wrong decision to chalaseis the natural beauty of the dog you have to think and the pain that would cause!

If you nevertheless decide to get crippled mate took care of it be done at an earlier age as possible. The tail when cut into old age is horribly painful with sedation sutures, antibiotics and painkillers. If cut at the age of 4-5 days is much more easy and painless. The ears at that age and to cut is very difficult, because of problems with surgery there is the risk not to stand. And then I got a dog with cut ears that will hang. But the most important thing is that it is strictly forbidden and you risk diochtheis for animal abuse …

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