Toilet training

Oct - 30 2015

The dogs really don't understand toilet training. The only following instinct is not to foul the place to eat, sleep and play. For dogs is not ashamed to fouls outside living area and he may be five steps when they are puppies, away from where you sleep or eat. Puppies do not understand why the […]

What not to eat our dog

Oct - 30 2015

Normal dog's ideal food is raw meat. But for many reasons we cannot provide him. So we usually have been fed him that we eat we thinking that we do our best for him. This is a big mistake. If we cannot provide a good dry food to ensure that food needs, then let's take […]

Dogs on beaches

Oct - 30 2015

Dogs are allowed on the beach?   See what the law saysThe legislation requires that competent authority to enforce the law, whatever happens on the beaches is the Port, nor the municipal police, nor the other Police. … What actually says the General block Port The General block Port (article 230), and circular M.F. 2119.4/3/06/16-06-2006 provide […]

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